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Learning Alone vs Learning Together

I believe there is a time for closed doors, silence and concentration, but there are also times when we NEED others to help us see things differently so that we can apply what we're learning in much more effective and creative ways.

When I first started working as a Freelance Teacher, these opportunities to share and grow together were what I missed most, that's why I constantly try to come up with different ways for teachers to learn together, both through structured courses and free events.

What's the best type of event for me?

  • Hands-on Demonstrations  |  Free - 4-6 participants
    Have you ever watched a tutorial and thought "that's a great app" but then never got around to actually trying it?!  Well, you are not alone!
    That's where hands-on Demonstrations come in. They are condensed group activities (normally 30 minutes) where we pick up a tool and actually play with it together, all the while discussing how we can make it work for our students.

  • Teacher Challenges  |  Free - open to all
    Challenges normally last a couple of weeks and are a great opportunity to practice a skill while getting support and feedback from other teachers. Together, we tackle 3 manageable steps and share our successes and struggles in the safety of our private LinkedIn Group.
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  • Teacher Labs  |  Paid - 4-6 participants
    My personal interpretation of Online Project-based Workshops.
    They are designed for small groups and last around 1 to 2 hours during which we complete a project to help us take concrete steps towards the application of a methodology or business strategy.

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