Welcome to my digital home!

I'm so happy you found your way to my website! Don't mind the mess and the mismatched pictures and... ops... occasional broken links... I just move in!

What can you expect to find here?

This space is pretty new so it might take a while for me to really fill it up, but this is where I plan to keep my projects, resources and courses so please take a look around and consider staying in touch through my newsletter (yep, that's brand new as well).

Join the discussion!

For lively discussions on freelancing and teaching, hop on over to LinkedIn. I am very active there - more than I probably should, really, but I've met a community of amazing freelancers and teachers that keep me inspired and sane so it's worth it!
I plan on adding more information in the future but that's really all I can say for now.

What about you?

If you have a second, why don't you introduce yourself in the comments?
I'd love to get to know you, what you do and how you found your way here and if there is anything I can help you with, please, reach out!