When I think about the most important lessons I've had to learn, I'm always amazed at how many of them took place far away from the classroom and didn't come with a certificate!

It's a strange list of late-night conversations, disastrous experiments, crazy gambles and obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome until I made it to the other side.

We all have our weird and wonderful stories, but this trip down memory lane got me thinking, when did we start associating Real Learning exclusively with classes and courses?
And how does this impact the way we, as Independent Educators, craft the services we offer?

Embracing the Opportunity to be different

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has forced many of us to reconsider our definition of Classroom to include digital spaces, but there are so many other elements of teaching that we could be challenging and redefining.
And there is no time like today to take a step forward.

So next time you are designing a course, try to take a moment to think about what a successful Learning Experience could truly look like to you and your students. 

  • What types of interactions should it include?
  • What's the optimal context or location for your idea?
  • Which of your unique skills and experiences are you bringing into it?

And also
  • Which business model is better suited for this new venture?

Immersive programmes, mentorship weeks, monthly subscription services, peer-to-peer learning groups... there are so many alternatives to pick from.

Who said a standard 30h Language Course is always better?
You get to decide!